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Services provided include virus & malware removal, computer upgrades, slow computers, internet and WiFi issues, peripheral support and installation, networking issues, NAS and backup solutions, business technical services and much more.

Services Provided



We unfortunately live in an age of virus and malware. Though most are more of an annoyance than anything, some can be devastating. We provide removal services and can also supply you with an effective antivirus if you need one.


The internet is such a vital part of computers these days that it becomes a big problem when we can’t use it. Whether your WIFI keeps dropping out, or you need help setting up, we are available for on-site support and diagnostics.

NAS and backup solutions

NAS or Network Attached Storage, can be used to store files on your network. These are typically used in a home environment to share media files, either between users or to a TV. In a business environment, they can be used to share files between users in a high reliability scenario, without the need for an expensive server. We also provide solutions for local and cloud backup.


Often an older computer can be improved with an upgrade. Whether it be a larger hard drive, more memory or a new graphics card to play the latest games. We can provide any parts you may need along with installation.

Peripheral support and installation

If it connects to your computer, we support it. From printers, to external hard drives and everything in between. If you have an issue, or just need it installed, we can provide support to you on-site or over the phone for business customers.


Whether your business needs fast over the phone remote support, or an on-site friendly face, Select IT can provide any support you may need. Technical services not related to computers is also provided if your business needs local support for other projects. The entire south west is covered for business clients, so get in touch if you would like to discuss your needs.


One of the biggest complaints is a user’s computer being slow, sometimes it’s painful just to turn it on. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest problems to solve with an SSD upgrade. Boot into windows in less than a minute and remove the slowness.

Networking Issues

Networked devices have become so popular, many home and business devices rely on connecting to each other. Whether it be a home TV and NAS or media server, to a business server and its computers. We can provide network troubleshooting and setup.


If you have a computer problem, or a technical enquiry, please get in touch either by phone or email.