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What is ransomware - Petya, WannaCry and others

Virus and malware come in all shapes and sizes, some are designed to cause damage, others are designed to steal information, the list goes on. Ransomware however, is designed to encrypt all of your personal files and folders (such as pictures and documents), then demand payment to decrypt them.

So, what’s encryption? Encryption changes files in such a way that they can only be read, if the decryption key is known. When ransomware encrypts your files, they can no longer be opened or used in any useful way.

That is of course without the decryption key, which the ransomware creators claim to hand over if you pay them a large sum of money. Of course, there is no guarantee that they will actually hand the key over after payment. Unfortunately, there is usually no other way to decrypt the files. This leaves you with the ultimatum, risk your money to try get a decryption key, or accept the files are gone.

There is good news, the best way to combat ransomware is to have a good reputable antivirus. Most reputable antivirus will detect ransomware before they have a chance to encrypt your files. It is also vital to keep Windows updates up to date, as vulnerabilities in the Windows code is how WannaCry infected so many computers recently.

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